What we offer

For Internet transactions (remote or mobile), we provide the digital wallet platform and  mobile payment 1App8, specifically designed for the retail industry.

The service offers:

  • to the retailer,  a new contact channel for both sales and relationships with its customers, through a web platform integrated with the cash systems and connected to the user’s app
  • to the buyer, a set of innovative, user-friendly and safe payment services through an app downloadable to smartphones


Why choose us

The  1App8 platform introduces innovative services in the world of digital commerce, aimed at creating value for both sellers and customers.

For the retailer:

  • centralized payment management
  • marketplace (m-commerce) to publish targeted offers relevant to users’ wishes
  • customer engagement platform (CRM and business analytics tools)
  • Integration with MasterPass, which allows the acceptance of any user’s credit card

For the purchaser:

  • dematerialization of their payment instruments (credit, debit, prepaid cards)
  • simple and secure payment with their preferred medium (computer or smartphone)
  • quick and easy purchase with just 1 click
  • use of fidelity cards and coupons via the app

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