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We are an independent player in the field of Payments and Business services (back office) . Our offering is targeted to B2B and B2M markets.

Services for the electronic payment management and cash processing

Banking and administrative back office, customer service and credit management



More than 2,000 people serving your business

We always invest in the human capital: witness thereof is our pay off “Men and Technologies”, an indissoluble combination at the foundation of Bassilichi philosophy.

9 companies, each of them with its own core business, able to cover the entire value chain:

  • The parent company  Bassilichi, Ars Blue, BassilichiCEE, Consorzio Triveneto – TvB and  Moneynet for the Payments sector
  • Fruendo for Business services
  • ABS Technology for integrated Security
  • BassmArt for technological solutions for the world of art and leisure
  • Krene for software development and information systems
  • Fruendo nei servizi per il business
  • Krene nello sviluppo di software e sistemi informativi

Almost 60 anni of history marked by strong growth and organizational and innovative flexibility to support our customers: from technical assistance to typewriters to the current activity mainly focused on the payments industry



Our story began in a small workshop in the historic center of Florence. Our activity was initially dedicated to the marketing and technical support of typewriters and calculators and, later, also of microfilm equipment, copiers, and specific instruments for banks

The microfilm has a market increasingly strong demand, the Bassilichi activities linked to this sector grows. They are becoming more numerous and important customers who come to the company to solve problems related to information management.

In these years it develops the activities dedicated to electronic payments in the banking world and begins the activities dedicated to the POS world. It expands the business related to the banking world. The banks are in company answers to all about training needs, photocopying, microfilm, software, scanners, and optical disks, but not only

As early as 2008 and 2009 Bassilichi is strengthened as part of the electronic payment systems: acquires sector delivery services of DA systems and makes its entry into the capital of Consorzio Triveneto. Also they are become part of the Alfa Electronics Group, a company specialized in designing self-service counters, and Krene, actually dedicated to the development of software solutions.

In July 2017 Bassilichi, together with its subsidiaries, Consorzio Triveneto, Moneynet, BassmArt, Bassilichi CEE and ArsBlue, joined the ICBPI Group.





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