Business intelligence for a smarter management of ATMs

In a general scenario where banks are focused on rationalizing their network of branches, on the one hand to implement a cost-cutting strategy and on the other hand to meet the quality of service needs by an increasingly sophisticated customer base, our company has developed B.Fit: an analysis model and a decision support tool that allows to scale, optimize and increase the effectiveness of the ATM channel. Thanks to our twenty-year experience in the Banking & Financial Services industry and, in particular, the issues related to digital payments and money automation (ATM, kiosks, etc.), our experts have developed a complete solution consisting of 3 modules:

  • B.Fit Input: collects the data related to the branch network (master data, transactions)
  • B.Fit Engine: processes the data using mathematical-statistical models
  • B.Fit Output: prepares and displays the results in a simple and dynamic manner, allowing the Bank to take the appropriate corrective actions

B.Fit immediately shows four fundamental aspects of an ATM network: the precise and complete mapping of ATMs (geo-location, organizational unit, types of terminals, etc.); the representation of the transaction volume per terminal, time slot, type of operation/time, etc.; the assessment of possible queue and the customer dropout rate, with special reference to the hours at risk, and the correlation with the number of available terminals; and finally, the fleet obsolescence analysis as regards location, operating unit, type and correlation with operations.
Reports are immediate, complete and easy to use thanks to dashboards also accessible via mobile devices, navigable histograms and clear and simplified cluster analyses to provide the Bank with information about the sites that require intervention. For example, thanks to the information from B.Fit, the Bank may decide to allocate new ATMs to increase the automation rate of highly saturated sites and, conversely, not to install new systems in less saturated areas.

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