Bassilichi supports the Museum of Trust and Dialogue of the Mediterranean

On 3 June the Museum of Trust and Dialogue of the Mediterranean will be inaugurated in Lampedusa. It will be open till 3 October.

The institutions that lend their works to the exhibition include the Uffizi Gallery in Florence with the Caravaggio’s painting Sleeping Eros , in memory of the Syrian child refugee Aylan and as a symbolic tribute to all migrants; the Bardo Museum in Tunis, the Abatellis and Salinas museums of Palermo with the Head of Hades, a hellenistic work stolen and now finally returned, and finally the Mucem of Marseille, the Trame Mediterranee Museum of Gibellina, to name a few.

Choosing the island of Lampedusa as a landing place, the initiative, besides the cultural importance, is not intended to be an exhibition on the Mediterranean, but aims at stimulating a research on the common roots and the importance of dialogue among peoples.

The major works are accompanied by a “memory” section with original artifacts from shipwrecks, drawings by children fleeing from their countries at war and war fragments of the Second World War.

Our company, that has always been sensitive to the initiatives with a social value, is one of the supporters of this program.

To more information, read the article of First Social Life, a non-profit organization curator of the initiative for the City of Lampedusa and Linosa and the Committee 3.


Memory Section

Head of Heades

Sleeping Eros

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